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Acura released a new video highlighting the development of the limited-edition Acura NSX Type S supercar. Only 300 units of what Acura claims is the most powerful and best-performing NSX ever are destined for delivery into the United States. It will be the first time an NSX Type S has been sold outside of Japan. According to Acura officials, the limited production NSX Type S is the ultimate expression of Acura’s commitment to “Precision Crafted Performance.” Napleton News had a chance to preview the video and we are now forwarding it to you.

Only NSX can go beyond NSX

The joy of driving, the Acura team feels, is the main reason the NSX exists. But it’s not the only one. Only NSX can go beyond NSX, said Satoshi Mizukami, chief engineer and NSX Type S development leader. “Power definitely contributes to what we strive for, but alone that wouldn’t be enough,” said Mitsukami-san. “We want our customers to feel that performance deep inside,” he said.

Acura NSX Type S
2022 Acura NSX Type S at speed.

More aggressive styling

Instantly recognizable by its new aggressive styling, the NSX Type S is as purposeful as it is beautiful. A redesigned front fascia with a more substantial air intake helps to increase engine cooling. At the rear, an NSX GT3-inspired rear diffuser has been added for increased aerodynamic stability. Every angle has been created and sculpted by designers and engineers to enhance the Supercar’s performance and profile.

NSX Type S wheels
The Acura NSX split-spoke alloy wheels.

Other styling enhancements are on board: Forged, split five-spoke wheels, gloss black outside mirrors and door handles, Type S badging and special Gotham Gray matte paint all help to distinguish the Type S from any other Supercar on the road today. “At first glance, people will say it looks completely different. It looks fast,” said exterior designer Dai Hara.

Acura NSX Type S Rear
2022 Acura NSX Type S

Delivering an emotional drive is one thing. Delivering performance is another. The new Acura NSX Type S raises the already stellar performance of the NSX to new levels. On the top side, the NSX Type S powertrain has been boosted to 600 horsepower (+27) and 492 lb-ft of torque (+16). That’s thanks to larger turbos from the NSX GT3 Evo race car and higher net output from the Sport Hybrid system. Stickier Pirelli P-Zero tires add grip down below.

New NSX Type S Builder Plate
The Type S builders plate.

Acura is celebrating the final year of the second-generation NSX production. As a result, every 2022 Acura NSX made at Acura’s Performance Manufacturing Center will be a Type S model. Reservations are being taken now.

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