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Now may be the best time ever to buy a great pre-owned vehicle. Auto manufacturers quickly built up supply just before the social distancing orders, and as a result, began to offer special deals on many new vehicles. Buyers ran to trade in for the latest and greatest, leaving the pre-owned lots at the dealerships of Napleton Auto Group chock full of many gently-used vehicles just waiting for a new home.

Used Cars sale
Napleton Dealerships have plenty of pre-owned vehicles waiting for a new home.

With social distancing becoming the new norm, the Automaker’s assembly lines have been idled for more than two months. This idling is a result of working to minimize the number of employees infected with the coronavirus from being near each other. It stops the spread of COVID-19, to be certain, but it also puts new car inventory in short supply at the same time.


But thanks to the buying power of the Napleton Auto Group, their pre-owned lots are full of low-mileage, late-model cars, trucks and SUVs that might be perfect as your next new vehicle. We understand how tough times have become, combined with the uncertainty of when we can return to work. But that shouldn’t discourage you from finding your next almost-new vehicle.

“It doesn’t matter if a buyer prefers to buy online or in person,” said Jimmy Steff, Pre-Owned Director at Napleton’s North Palm (Florida) AutoPark. “We offer complete disinfection of all vehicles, coupled with extra attention for touchless home delivery. Buyers can deal with masked salespeople and at a distance of up to six feet and beyond.”


Used Car lot social distancing
We keep our distance at Napleton.

Steff described to how new car deals have made this a buyer’s market on the pre-owned lots. “Because of all the new-car incentives out there, we are bringing in so many good, low-mileage trades.” This influx of slightly-used cars, trucks and SUVs has resulted in Napleton’s pre-owned lots becoming overstocked with vehicles that would normally not be traded-in for a couple of years.

Some of these trades are surprising. “We are seeing vehicles of all kinds, with lower mileage and in better condition than we are accustomed to,” said Steff. There are many good deals here because frankly, we will need the space on the lot as business continues to increase.

“We are pricing aggressively to help maintain the space on these lots, or soon we won’t have any space left,” he said.


During the early weeks of the pandemic, many State governments issued “shelter in place” orders that stopped both new and used car sales. Auto auctions across the nation were also affected by such orders, which caused the wholesale cost of used vehicles to plunge, making them cheaper for dealerships to buy. These lower-than-normal prices are where you can take advantage of the situation.

Inventory is thick at Napleton Auto Group dealerships located in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri and our home in Illinois. We can conduct online sales and offer services for all makes and models. In other words, we service what we sell. Check out our Napleton Auto Group dealership website to find the Napleton Dealership closest to you.

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