Celebrate International Museum Day At Honda Collection Hall

Today is International Museum Day and car enthusiasts across the world will be happy to know that you can take a virtual tour of the Honda Collection Hall located in Tochigi, Japan.

Constructed in 1998, the museum was designed to embody the message of founder Soichiro Honda, who famously said, “Products never lie. Truly good products will inevitably succeed. We should show our thinking behind our products and what we created. There is no way to show Honda more honestly than this.”

The unique 360-degree virtual tour of the Honda Collection Hall, located at Honda’s Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit, will cover some of Honda’s most beloved products and racing machines from its 70-year history.

Whereas a lot of museums only have models up for display purposes, the majority of historical motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment at the Honda Collection Hall are kept in working condition. The museum even has a collection of videos that you can view to see these machines in action.

For example, museum curators have put together the following video that shows a 1986 Honda Fusion motorcycle that can still cruise around tight corners with ease.

Don’t forget to spend some time seeing older sports models from Honda. The next video features a 1964 S500, 1966 S600, 1966 S800, and even an S2000 from 1999.

To take a tour of the museum from the comfort of your own home, simply go to https://www.honda.com/collection-hall-gallery. The virtual recreation of the Honda Collection Hall allows visitors to explore the three showroom floors, get up close and personal to exhibits, and learn more about the storied Honda Motor Company.

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