Hyundai Named Best CPO Program For A Non-Luxury Brand

Hyundai Motor America has been named as the Best Non-Luxury Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program by Autotrader for the third consecutive year. Criteria for the program include the warranty, features, and value provided to customers.

For years, Hyundai has marketed itself as “America’s Best Warranty.” In fact, once Hyundai began pushing this storyline, people completely changed their attitudes from Hyundai being a lower-tier brand to a highly reputable automaker.

After being honored as the country’s best CPO Program once again, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

“At Hyundai, we aim to provide customers with outstanding value and that is no different for our CPO program that was again recognized as the best in the industry among our competitors,” said Randy Parker, vice president, National Sales, Hyundai Motor America.

Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from a non-luxury brand caters to the current climate of car-buyers. Most people are interested in getting a quality vehicle for a great price and a decent warranty. CPOs are the only option for these types of folks who can’t afford (or are simply not interested in) a luxury model.

And Hyundai is a prime example of an automaker that bridges that gap.

“Hyundai CPO vehicles have America’s Best Warranty coverage reinstated, underscoring our commitment to providing customer satisfaction throughout the ownership experience,” said Parker.

By stepping into a CPO from Hyundai, drivers get a car that is still modern for a fraction of the price of a new vehicle. Of course, there will be some mileage along with some wear a tear as part of the trade-off. But that’s exactly why Hyundai’s warranty program is put in place, to make drivers feel more comfortable about the reliability of their vehicle.

“Certified Pre-Owned cars are an excellent value. Buyers get the best parts of new car ownership along with the value of a used car,” said Brian Moody, executive editor, Autotrader. “With Hyundai, a very long warranty, reliable cars and a huge selection of CPO models makes even more sense. Unless you buy a luxury car, it’s hard to beat Hyundai’s program.”

The Ed Napleton Automotive Group has a total of seven Hyundai dealerships in four different states throughout the country. Each retail location offers a variety of Certified Pre-Owned models as part of their inventory, all of which are backed by Hyundai’s warranty.

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