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The new Hyundai Venue SEL is like the little engine that thinks it can. But you know what? When asked, it really produces! Sure it can’t tow much of anything, but when you want a vehicle that can trudge through the snow, along slushy highways and more, the Venue is right there with you.

Venue SEL
The new Hyundai Venue SEL on the Intracoastal Waterway

More importantly, the Venue might be the perfect vehicle for those who would normally consider a pre-owned vehicle. Properly equipped with the latest in technology and safety features, you might be able to get more car for the same or less money than buying used. Oh, did we mention three-years or 36,000 miles of complimentary maintenance? Yup. That’s included, too.

But just what is this new compact crossover SUV from Hyundai? had a chance to spend a week in one recently. Here’s our report.

venue rear
The new Hyundai Venue SEL turns around.


The Hyundai Venue SEL is the smallest vehicle in Hyundai’s fleet. It rests right below its bigger brother, the Hyundai Kona. A four-door plus hatchback, five-passenger CUV, it features the latest tech found on the road today.

venue engine
The new Hyundai Venue SEL uses a 1.6-liter engine.

The Hyundai Venue SEL gets its motivation from a small but peppy 1.6-liter that pumps out 121 horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque. Sure it won’t win many stoplight drag races, but it will provide hours and miles of satisfying driving pleasure. Connected to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with proper shift “tuning,” it almost feels as though it is banging through the gears naturally.

The Venue utilizes a Macpherson strut front suspension, which provides a satisfying road feel from the electric power steering system. In back, you’ll find a torsion beam rear axle, which is simpler to build and helps to keep the overall cost of the Venue down without causing ill-handling on the part of the car.


Hyundai Venue marina
The new Hyundai Venue SEL basks at Lake Park Marina

Boxy and square is one way to describe the Hyundai Venue. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Visibility is excellent with the largish, upright windshield that gives way to a roofline that can accommodate the largest of ten-gallon hats.

The large grille bore a family resemblance, if even for just a moment. It seems that other members of the Hyundai family have adopted the waterfall-style look seen on vehicles like the Palisade and the Santa Fe. Only time will tell on this South Korean-designed and built vehicle.

The Venue is available in three trim levels ranging from entry Venue SE to mid-level Venue SEL and top-shelf Venue Denim.


venue interior
The interior of the new Hyundai Venue SEL

Two-tone in black and cream hues, the Venue includes a well-turned interior that is a combination of good looks and whimsy at the same time. From the comfortable seats in front, to the leather-wrapped steering wheel, to the eight-inch color touchscreen display, the Venue seemingly has it all.

venue passenger
The new Hyundai Venue SEL interior in black and cream.

All Venue models include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a good thing because it’s on everyone’s “must-have” list. Controls are thoughtfully placed, with a center console that includes a storage shelf, gear control lever and drive mode select dial, which allows drivers to change the system according to the terrain they are encountering. A tilt and telescoping steering wheel helps nearly every size driver find their sweet spot. On the other hand, those in the back seat may feel a bit of a pinch as the legroom is at a premium.

The rear cargo area includes a false floor shelf that helps you keep valuables out of sight. Speaking of cargo, there’s 18.7 cubic feet behind the rear seat. Fold it forward and the area grows to 31.9-cubic feet of total space to load up when heading to the local big-box warehouse store.


venue profile
The new Hyundai Venue SEL basks in the Florida Sun

We found the Hyundai Venue SEL is a surprisingly agile vehicle that is at home on the city streets as it is on the highway. Power from the four-cylinder engine is spritely, enabling semi-quick starts from a standing stop. Even though the transmission is a smooth-shifting CVT, it simulates the sound and feel of running through the gears as it achieves cruising speed on the highway.

Hyundai Wheel
Wheel detail of the new Hyundai Venue SEL

The engine relaxes around 2,000 rpm, eventually achieving 30 city / 34 highway. But stand on the accelerator and you quickly encounter a higher pitch as the engine and transmission get you where you need to be. Regardless of how fast you find yourself going in the new Venue, there’s a distinct lack of noise coming in from the outside. Kudos to the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) engineers at Hyundai for managing to help make drive time in your new Hyundai Venue the best time of your day.

To learn more about the new Hyundai Venue, contact any of Napleton Auto Group’s seven Hyundai dealerships near you.

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