Jaguar & Jonathan Scott’s “9 Ways To Make Your Holidays More Eco-Friendly”

Jaguar and HGTV’s Jonathan Scott have teamed up to share a list of nine eco-friendly holiday hacks, designed to help people celebrate the 2019 holiday season with style and sustainability in mind.

The co-host of “Property Brothers” partnered with the UK-based automaker largely because of Jaguar’s effort to bring “sustainable luxury” to its customers with its most recent models. Both parties are committed to reducing their respective carbon footprints and hope their alliance will reach a wide audience.

Scott’s list of tips to make your holiday season a little more green for your wallet and the environment are as follows:

  1. Skip buying new wrapping paper this year and wrap your gift boxes with newspapers featuring interesting articles.
  2. Put your child’s creativity on full display by wrapping presents with their artwork.
  3. Decorate your walls with “presents” by framing your leftover wrapping paper.
  4. Skip the conventional tree and create your own using stacked books.
  5. Save space and waste by designing your tree on the wall using materials from around the house.
  6. Protect your ornaments for next year by storing them in leftover egg cartons.
  7. Make your space bright and merry using LED lights, which not only use less power than other light sources but are also safer as they don’t get as hot.
  8. If you want to give your loved one a new vehicle this year, opt for an electric vehicle with zero emissions.
  9. Buy presents and supplies locally to reduce your carbon footprint and support your local community.

“Design and sustainability are incredibly important to me, so I am joining Jaguar to spread the word that having a Green Christmas is the new White Christmas,” said Scott. “From recycling wrapping paper to LED holiday lights and gifting an electric vehicle, there is so much we can all do to make the holidays more sustainable.”

The official list reveal marks the official start to Jaguar’s #UnwrapAJaguar holiday campaign, which features a custom holiday-themed wrap for a fleet of 18 all-electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicles. The fleet of I-PACE vehicles are wrapped in Lumactiv air-purifying coating, which decomposes the organic pollutants in the surrounding air, as well as energy-efficient LED holiday lights, synchronized across all of the vehicles, according to a press release from Jaguar.

“Today we’re celebrating not only the joy of the holidays but also how making decisions this season like using upcycled materials for decorations and driving an electric vehicle are easy ways to build a more sustainable future,” said Kim McCullough, Vice President, Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover North America. “We’re thrilled to partner for a second year on the Unwrap A Jaguar campaign with Jonathan Scott, who shares our passion for design and sustainability.”

Whether you want your 2019 Christmas to be Green, White, or whatever your favorite color might be, the list of eco-friendly tips is certainly welcomed. After all, the holiday season typically means closely followed traditions that span decades. It’s nice to learn a few new takes on old traditions that will help us preserve a sustainable future.

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