Watch The All-New Kia K5 Get Airborne In Professional Stunt

There’s been a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the all-new Kia K5 already. But now we have even more to get excited about because this model is fully capable of flying through the air when you have a stuntman behind the wheel…

…Or three professional stunt drivers all coordinating together.

Set to replace the Optima as Kia’s new midsize sedan, the K5 is an athletic car that can truly do it all. A new video released by Kia shows the K5 performing a “Triple Threat Stunt,” where two turbocharged K5 models sail through the air in opposite directions as a third K5 slides into position right underneath the action.

We can talk about this at length but you really need to see the stunt for yourself. Skip to the 11:00-minute mark if you want to cut straight to the action.

With a billboard backdrop that reads, “Boring Doesn’t Fly Around Here,” it’s hard to argue otherwise. Witnessing two K5’s fly past one another in real-time is a great promotional tool for Kia’s “Give It Everything” campaign.

Lovers of the Optima might be sad to see this model get discontinued but it’s hard to be upset with its replacement. The K5 introduces a much-needed sense of excitement not only for Kia but for the entire midsize sedan market.

Hyundai was the first to strike after producing a fully restyled version of the Sonata for 2020. What the automaker failed to do is create a real buzz of anticipation amongst potential car-buyers by underselling it.

None of that is present with Kia’s efforts to push the all-new 2021 K5. If it comes down to any other midsize sedan or the K5, it’s hard to believe that the K5’s competition has the edge with thrill-seekers.

Adrenaline junkies, you now have a mass-market car that appeals to you.

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