Lexus’ New AR App Launches With The 2021 IS

Lexus has been working on an all-new augmented reality (AR) app, and it will officially launch with the release of the 2021 IS sedan. Officially titled Lexus AR Play, the innovative app will allow users to explore Lexus vehicles through the use of their smart phone or tablet.

In an ever-changing marketplace, Lexus has designed the new augmented reality app to give people the opportunity to see vehicles up-close without ever having to leave the house. Currently, we only have details on how the app works with the 2021 IS but it is possible that more models in the Lexus lineup will be compatible in the future.

Lexus decided that as the world continues to navigate a pandemic and social distancing guidelines are still in place, this new technology will allow users to get a personal look at the 2021 IS before deciding to buy or lease.

Lexus AR Play allows users to do the following:

  • Virtually walk around the vehicle for up-close 360-degree exterior and interior views.
  • Engage the gamification function to virtually drive the IS in augmented reality like a remote-control car.
  • Personalize the vehicle exterior with eight custom color offerings for the 2021 IS.
  • Open and close the doors and trunk.
  • Explore the vehicle’s design, performance, and safety features with high-level audio narration.
  • View 3D cutaways of key technical features, the engine, and chassis.
  • Capture photos for sharing with friends or on your favorite social media channels.

Take a look at the following short video from DPCcars to see the 3D augmented reality app in action.

“This app is a modern-day expression of a longstanding Lexus core value: ‘genchi genbutsu’ or ‘go & see’- a practice employed by Lexus engineers to go on-site to ensure a true understanding of a situation by experiencing it firsthand,” said Lisa Materazzo, vice president of marketing at Lexus. “Now our guests can experience the next best thing to genchi genbutsu with the new IS 350, seeing it for themselves in a way previously unavailable, and long before the vehicles arrive in showrooms in late fall.”

Lexus AR Play is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download it on your smartphone or tablet in both the Apple app store or on Google Play.

The Ed Napleton Automotive Group has two Lexus dealerships located in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. For more information on the release of the Lexus 2021 IS, visit Lexus of Maplewood and Lexus of Wayzata.

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