Mercedes-Benz VisionAVTR

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR made its public debut at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The future tech show was the perfect site to introduce the groundbreaking AVTR, which is a play on the name of the Avatar movie that inspired it. But the AVTR name also stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation. Vision is a word used repeatedly by M-B in naming their concept vehicles, but in this case, it embodies the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers, and futurists for mobility in the future.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR


Inspired by the world of Pandora from the Avatar movie, the new Vision vehicle displays how humans can interact with vehicles in the future.

The concept of the AVTR is one that blends disciplines of the interior, exterior and user experience on what M-B calls an unprecedented scale. Designers from the brand have taken cues from creatures in the movie, for a “visionary look on designs of the future.”

Vision 3.4 shot
Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

Instead of a steering wheel as we know it today, there is a multifunctional “control element” located on the center console that causes the vehicle to come to life, based solely on the breathing and heartbeat of the driver. By the lift of a hand away from the controller, other functions are projected into the driver’s palm.

center console
Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR controller
in the palm
VISION AVTR palm projection


Organic battery material made of recycled materials, including Graphene-based organic cell chemistry, is now part of the Vision AVTR battery array. The batteries, according to Mercedes-Benz futurists, are compostable and completely recyclable, and as a result, totally independent of fossil resources.

VISION AVTR rear gills

The concept of a “living creature.” Thirty-three “bionic flaps” on the back of the Vision AVTR, appear like scales on a reptile. Through them, the driver can communicate and receive feedback from the outside world with the subtle gestures of the flaps. Additionally, the Vision AVTR can track sideways at an angle up to 30-degrees, in contrast to conventional vehicles. As a result, the Vision AVTR can move in a crab-like fashion from tight spaces and other obstacles.

Vegan seats
Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR “Vegan Leather”

The sustainability goes inside, as well, through the use of vegan microfiber-based Dinamica Leather.

By the numbers, the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR:

  • Gives off zero CO2 emissions
  • Has a range of approximately 434 miles or 700 km
  • Has 110 kWh battery
  • Features a Drivetrain that is fully variable AWD with Torque Vectoring
rear view
Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR rear bumper

While it is not ready for primetime quite just yet, many of the initiatives found on the Vision AVTR will eventually find their way into actual Mercedes-Benz vehicles available at dealerships like Napleton’s Mercedes-Benz of Rochester Minnesota. Continue to check for the latest in automotive news and information.

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