Porsche Takes Personal Aesthetics To The Next Level

Providing a personal touch is one of the many reasons why car-enthusiasts gravitate towards Porsche. Now, the German automotive brand is taking personal aesthetics to the next level by offering customizable chronographs that are designed to your own unique taste.

Need existing proof of Porsche’s commitment to personalization?

You can step into either one of the Ed Napleton Automotive Group’s two Porsche locations right now and see an impressive collection of made-to-order Porsche models that have spanned through the decades.

In fact, Napleton Westmont Porsche in Illinois currently houses a 911 GT2 RS that is entirely customized since it uses materials made from carbon fiber and sports a unique black and white paint job.

With the new chronographs from Porsche Design, drivers will be able to take a piece of their car with them any time they wear it on their wrist. For example, if you wanted to create a chronograph from the Porsche model pictured above, it might sport a simple black and white look. It’s entirely up to you.

“There is a great global demand for custom personalization from the factory. Around 90 percent of all 911 models are personalized for customers using equipment from Exclusive Manufaktur. Twenty-five percent of all vehicles delivered around the world from this product line pass through the Exclusive Manufaktur workshop, in which special customer wishes are also brought to life,” said Alexander Fabig, Head of Personalization and Classic at Porsche.

This new personalized chronograph program is first going to be offered in Germany alone. However, we will be able to start customizing our own chronographs here in the United States as soon as September.

“The cooperation with Porsche Design has been successful over the course of many years. From the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series through to the current 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, seven limited-edition Porsche Design timepieces matching the individual vehicles have already been offered,” said Fabig.

No other automotive brand in the world offers a concept like this. The thought of wearing a timepiece that matches your own car is something that is completely you, and uniquely Porsche.

Keep checking back for more updates but until we hear otherwise, you can expect to start taking advantage of the personal aesthetics offered by Porsche Design in the next two months.

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