Volkswagen Golf Debut

8th Generation Volkswagen Golf Will Debut In Time For Holidays

Volkswagen recently announced that the all-new 2020 Golf will make its world debut on Oct. 24 in Wolfsburg. The German automaker expects that dealerships will have stock of the new compact car by December, making the highly coveted 8th generation Golf available in time for the holiday season.

Following in the footsteps of previous models, the new Golf will be a versatile hatchback that offers drivers the flexibility to increase cargo space without sacrificing style. And the newest Golf model has fashion sense for days.

While previous generations of Golf hatchbacks have been popular, none of them contain the sporty and highly expressive design of the 2020 model. With a slim body and expertly crafted roof, the new Golf takes on a modern look that drivers will be happy to boast about to their followers on social media.

Speaking of followers and all things “internet,” the new Golf offers an upgraded suite of technology to help drivers stay connected on the go. Thanks to the new digitalization and connectivity features, you’ll never have to leave the driver’s seat in order to see your “Likes” rack up.

The new Golf isn’t all flashy features, either. This car comes equipped with a highly improved driving mechanics and powertrain.

According to a press release from Volkswagen, the new Golf will contain a more efficient engine system, further enhanced suspension technology, assisted driving features, and more agility than ever before. Getting behind the wheel will inject an element of excitement to even the most mundane of trips (like to to the gym or the grocery store).

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