gmc terrain awd slt exterior dimensions

The GMC Terrain AWD SLT Review

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The 2019 GMC Terrain AWD SLT Review

GMC Terrain

Blacker than black, our 2019 GMC Terrain AWD SLT cruised through the city without attracting undue attention. Still, it did manage to turn heads as it rode sleekly down the boulevard. Devoid of almost all its chrome, save for the bright outlines surrounding the GMC logo in the grille, the Terrain was as sinister as they come. Think of it as the Stealth SUV.

GMC Terrain

If GMC had a “skunkworks” or its own “Area 51,” they would have built the Terrain here.

GMC Terrain

But this isn’t a piece of unobtainium, out of the reach of those with mere “average Joe” wallets. Instead, it’s an example of a vehicle that is available to anyone today.

GMC Terrain


GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain AWD SLT is a four-door, five-passenger compact SUV that is part of the brand’s new lighter weight SUVs. Powered by smaller engines, and carrying less weight overall, they can maximize their capabilities while minimizing their consumption. How did they do? Read on for more.

GMC Terrain

There are three engines that buyers can select for the new Terrain. There’s an all-new 137 horsepower 1.6-liter turbodiesel, a 170-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder and a 252 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Both gas engines are mated to nine-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmissions, while the Diesel gets its own Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic.  The GMC Terrain can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

GMC Terrain

The Terrain rides on a rather stout suspension comprised of MacPherson struts, coil springs and a direct-acting stabilizer bar in the front, with a multi-link independent rear suspension. Steering is via an electric –variable power assist (EPS) kit that offered decent communications from the pavement.

GMC Terrain


GMC Terrain

The wind tunnel-tuned exterior of the GMC Terrain has a handsome, slightly more upscale look than its Chevrolet brother, the Equinox. Stylized headlamps with LED accents and neat little GMC Easter eggs flank a choice of several grilles on the Terrain. Ours was a complete monochrome example, in keeping with the black-on-black theme. At the D-Pillar in design parlance, the Terrain utilizes a modern stylization known as the “floating roof.” Currently en-vogue throughout the industry, it is featured on the Nissan Murano, Maxima and the Lexus RX models.

GMC Terrain

GMC Terrain’s interior is a perfectly designed cabin with stellar functionality and comfort that even veers a bit towards luxury. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Covered in black leather, our Terrain included appointments throughout that appeared they would be along for a while. Meaning they were well done and made of a rugged material that wouldn’t succumb to punctures, scratches or other mishaps that could potentially shorten their lives. The design itself might stand for some improvement in layout, but for the most part, the interior controls were totally functional.

GMC Terrain

GMC passengers are connected and engaged with 7- and available 8-inch diagonal infotainment systems featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. For those needing more, there is always the ability to connect through the optional OnStar 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot that can connect up to seven devices at once. There is also the ability to manage the vehicle remotely with the myGMC mobile app.

GMC Terrain

From a utility standpoint (After all, it is a sport utility vehicle), the GMC Terrain AWD SLT is all in. Featuring a fold-forward front passenger seat, it allows the storage of extra-long items such as skis and ladders, as well as underfloor storage in the cargo area behind the second row. By the numbers, it adds up to 29.6 cubic feet behind the rear seat and climbs to 63.3 cubic feet when the rear seat folds forward.

The GMC Terrain is available in four trim levels ranging from base SL, SLE, SLT and Denali versions.

GMC Terrain


Verging on the essence of luxury, the GMC Terrain is trimmed out to give buyers a sense of enjoyment from behind the wheel. Power from the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine was smooth and powerful at the same time, offering stout acceleration and interior solitude at the same time. The Terrain is generally, not a corner cutter, meaning that buyers should be more content to cruise the boulevard rather than hit the chicane before braking and cutting through the “S-turns.”

The overall vibe is one of quiet solitude. That’s because you are driving the cushier version of the Equinox/Terrain twins, with more sound deadening material than found in the other “twin.” Still, don’t think you will be venturing on a magic carpet ride. This GMC Terrain AWD SLT is much more than that.

2019 GMC Terrain AWD SLT


Body Style:                                         Five Passenger, Four-door Compact SUV

Driveline:                                            Front-engine, Front- or All-wheel-drive

Power:                                                 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine

Horsepower:                                     252 horsepower

Torque:                                               260 lb-ft of Torque

Fuel Delivery:                                    Direct Injection

Transmission:                                   9-speed Hydra-Matic Automatic transmission

Suspension:                                       Front: MacPherson Struts, Coil Springs and stabilizer bar

Rear: Multilink Rear Suspension

Steering:                                             Electric Assisted Power Steering

Overall Length:                                182.3-inches

Wheelbase:                                       107.3-inches

Width:                                                 72.4-inches

Height:                                                65.4-inches

Curb Weight:                                     3327 pounds

Max Cargo room:                             29.6 cubic feet behind rear seats

63.3 cubic feet behind front seats


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