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Electric Vehicles are the new bright spots in the automotive world and none are shining brighter than the new Volkswagen ID.4 SUV. Scheduled to be unveiled September 23rd, it will also reveal a new buying experience for Volkswagen customers who would prefer to shop from home. In the case of the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV, this new buying experience will allow VW customers to actually reserve their new car.

The new sales platform will go live immediately following the introduction of the new SUV, which is scheduled for an 11 am (EDT) debut. The new Zero-tailpipe emission Volkswagen ID.4 will be available to customers who want to be the first to get behind the wheel of the innovative ID.4 before it hits VW dealership showrooms later this year.


The new platform is an easy to use experience that will allow VW fans and buyers to reserve a Volkswagen ID.4 through a simple process involving several steps. There are other features, too, including a range estimator, dealership finders with inventory lists to help you find a specifically-equipped ID.4 SUV, and a payment tool to estimate your monthly payout.

But according to VW, there’s more. “Our online reservations portal will give those who are ready to make the switch to an EV SUV a place at the front of the line,” said Duncan Movassaghi, Volkswagen’s executive vice president for sales and marketing. “We’re excited to share the future of Volkswagen with the ID.4. It’s a compelling, zero direct emissions alternative to the compact SUVs on the market today.”


With the ID.4 sales platform, buyers will be able to configure their new Volkswagen SUV. Once a user has built their desired vehicle on the VW Portal, they can reserve their place in the queue with a fully refundable $100 reservation payment. As production ramps up, reservation holders may confirm their order via an additional $400 payment. At that point, buyers can follow their place in line, and find out when to expect delivery of their brand new Volkswagen ID.4 to their preferred Volkswagen dealership. At this point, the buyer can negotiate with the dealership over the final pricing and any financial matters that may need attention.

The new Volkswagen ID.4 will be offered in all 50 states, through a network of more than 600 dealerships. The reservation platform will also offer prospective owners the chance to sign up to receive information on the latest VW EV News. It is Volkswagen’s goal to sell 26 million electrically vehicles globally by 2029.

Continue to watch for more information on the new VW ID.4.

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