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The Acura Integra Type S will have its first public reveal at the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Revitalizing the Integra name following a bit of a hiatus, Acura is reintroducing a new iteration of their legendary sports car at the Long Beach Grand Prix Indy Car race. It’s just the thing Acura fans have been hoping for, for a long time. Napleton News have spent a lot of seat time in previous versions of the Integra. We can’t wait to test this new version out as soon as it becomes available.

What’s under the hood of the Acura Integra Type S?


The new 2024 Acura Integra is powered by a high-stepping 2.0-liter turbocharged VTEC four-cylinder engine. It makes a class-leading 320 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. It happens to also power the Honda Civic Type R, so you know already that it comes from good stock. That power is routed through a class-exclusive 6-speed automatic transmission, limited slip differential and performance-oriented adaptive damper system to help smooth out the ride. Speaking of ride, the Integra Type S rides on lightweight 19-inch rims with performance summer tires. After a spirited jaunt down the blacktop, the Integra brings it back under control via the Brembo braking package.

Brembo brakes on the Integra.

Type S strong

The new Acura Integra Type S is the fourth Type S variant introduced in the past two years. This new model features a new aggressive wide body design with added stance and center-mounted triple exhaust dumps. There’s a large front air dam, hood vent to release warm air and a rear diffuser to channel airflow from underneath the car.

Head on Type S family
A head-on look at the Type S family.

“The new Acura Integra Type S puts turbocharged Type S performance and design at the gateway to our brand,” said Emile Korkor, Assistant Vice President, Acura National Sales. It will make it easier for enthusiast drivers to find their way into the Acura Type S family of vehicles.

Wider, longer, faster and now more engaging

The new Acura Integra Type S starts strongly with a body that is now nearly three-inches wider than the standard Integra. Bold, flared fenders and larger 19-inch wheels provide a more muscular stance than normal. It’s also the only vehicle in the compact premium performance segment to offer a five-door liftback design.

Go-fast goodies to make the Integra more engaging than ever include a high-flow exhaust system, new software tuning and the ability to make 160 horsepower per liter. Couple that with the straight-through exhaust system for a distinct pop and bang as the engine downshifts through the gears. There really is nothing else like it.

Type S models
Acura’s Type S family.

Finally, buyers can take the new Integra Type S even further. Acura are now offering an extensive list of Genuine Acura Accessories. These include a carbon fiber rear spoiler, carbon fiber mirror caps, an illuminated black Acura badge, copper colored wheels and a titanium shift knob.

Only the beginning

This is only the beginning of the rebirth of the new 2024 Acura Integra Type S. It’s scheduled for an early release at dealerships in June 2023. We can’t wait to try it.

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