Safety for Everyone
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Powerful Stories detailing Honda’s Safety for Everyone

Honda’s “Safety for Everyone” is a well-established campaign drawing on emotional storytelling of real people. It features Honda customers who were involved in serious accidents and were able to walk away without serious injuries.

These customers credit the safety performance of their Honda Vehicles with saving their lives. These stories have been crafted from letters and social media posts the company has received through the years. As they say in the business, “You can’t buy that type of positive advertising.”

The campaign will send viewers to the Honda Safety for Everyone website where they can hear actual customer stories and then view behind the scenes videos from Honda engineers explaining how they developed Honda vehicles to protect customers from harm in a variety of scenarios.


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Nicole Hart’s Story

Honda’s first story involves Nicole Hart, who was involved in an accident after reaching for a tissue. Before she knew it, she was drifting into an oncoming lane, where she hit a utility trailer towed by a pickup. Her Honda CR-V rolled several times but she walked away with a sprained wrist as well as cuts and bruises. Shortly after recovering, she wrote to Honda saying, “I truly believe your well-built vehicle saved my life.”

Honda CR-V on the coast
2019 Honda CR-V

Hart was luckier still, because her Honda CR-V was equipped with HondaLink Assist, which automatically alerted first responders.

HondaLink Assist Honda Civic
2019 Honda Civic Sedan

HondaLink Assist operates with a Bluetooth-paired smartphone and sensors that can detect an airbag deployment and other triggers. They alert a specially trained call operator who can talk with the driver and passengers until authorities are on the scene. It is available on many Honda Vehicles including the Civic, Accord, Passport, Pilot, Odyssey, CR-V, HR-V, and other Honda vehicles.

Only The Beginning

Additonal videos depicting Honda’s Safety for Everyone series will be released in the coming weeks.

Honda Safety Dominos
Powerful Stories About Safety Performance from Honda Customers and Family Members Expand Honda “Safety for Everyone” Brand Campaign

An interesting aspect that Honda hopes will come across in the campaign is the use of dominoes that fall, one after another. Used as a methaphor, it helps illustrate that it’s not just the driver in an accident who is affected, but all of the driver’s family and friends.



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