Infotainment Systems Remain Key Point Of Focus For Automakers

Auto manufacturers continue to focus on making improvements to the infotainment systems on their vehicles. As consumer demand for innovative features continues to grow across all vehicle segments, the competition to come out with “the next great thing” to captivate drivers is higher than ever.

A vehicle’s infotainment system is comprised of the information and entertainment features offered on the model. Some of these components include the media center, touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, apps, button panel, voice commands, digital dashboard capabilities, and more.

The market for automotive infotainment technology has heated up significantly in the past few years. In fact, the market segment is experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 6.8 percent. Experts from Fortune Business Insights predict that it will reach $20.05 billion by 2026, compared to $11.94 billion reported in 2018.

High-tech entertainment and safety features used to be a selling point for luxury models alone. That way of thinking has changed dramatically over the past decade, and car-buyers expect to see impressive infotainment systems come standard across all models. Take a look at the following video from AutoNation that highlights a few of the top features that automakers are including.

In order to remain competitive, automakers know that they need to continue to place resources into the research and development of effective infotainment systems. The healthy competition amongst different brands will continue to drive sales, improve technology, and ultimately fuel the growth of the automotive infotainment market.

“The efforts of the automotive manufacturer for adding new features and infotainment solutions to provide ease and comfort in driving will boost the market growth of automotive infotainment in the forthcoming years,” according to Fortune Business Insights.

As the automotive infotainment market continues to heat up, the car-buying public can expect to see more improvements coming to the user-experience in the next few years. Only time will tell which innovations will be featured in the forthcoming lineup of models, but we will be eagerly waiting to see.

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