Honda Wins Most KBB Best Buy Awards For 2020 Models

Honda Motor Company is the top-winning brand for the annual Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards, which recently ranked the best performing vehicles across all major models with a 2020 year in its preface. The Japenese automaker earned wins in more categories than any other brand, led by the 2020 Honda Civic as a six-time […]

Hyundai Prepares For Super Bowl LIV Commerical

Hyundai confirmed today that they will air a new 60-second commercial during the second quarter of Super Bowl LIV. After finding success with previous Super Bowl ads, Hyundai aims to make this year’s commercial one of their best yet. This will be the 12th time in the past 13 years that Hyundai’s marketing content is […]

Camry & Avalon Now Available With All-Wheel Drive

It has been 28 years since All-Wheel Drive was available for the Toyota Camry In case you haven’t looked outside lately, there is a coast-to-coast cold front sweeping through the United States. It feels like Mother Nature set her hairdryer to “frigid mode” and started blasting that thing with no intention of ever stopping. The […]

Mercedes & Mattel Team Up To Tackle Gender Stereotypes

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Mattel to take on the sensitive topic of associating certain children’s toys with a specific gender. Whether you are a millennial, baby boomer, or one of the generations overshadowed by the preceding two who are constantly bickering at each other, you might have heard the stereotype that “toy cars are […]